Backyard redesign

Before & after: For this project I initially wanted to tear down & replace our old backyard fence.

My friend Kevin had the brilliant idea of building a new fence just smack on top of the old one. It worked like a charm.

Here’s how it looked before:

We figured it would be far easier to use the existing posts, and put the new planks on horizontally.

After constructing & staining the pine fence, I planted some cordylines & a ficus. While digging those holes I cut right into an irrigation line and had to do some pipe surgery.

To finish it off I laid down weed block, plopped in the edging, and filled it up with mulch (The city of Santa Barbara gives residents all the free mulch they can use.)

I wanted to put in some flagstones to go underneath the fire pit, but eh, who has time for that.

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