A New Weekly Newsletter From Me

I’ve started publishing new weekly Substack called Alternative Assets. There’s a million blogs about stocks, real estate and venture capital. This new is about the wide world of options that don’t get talked about as much – with a focus on digital properties, websites and micro-businesses. There’s a world of opportunity out there that doesn’t get discussed as much.Continue reading “A New Weekly Newsletter From Me”

The “just kidding” test: A creative product hack.

One of the great challenges in product management is how to validate an idea quickly without building a damn thing. Sure, you can show users mockups, prototypes, or even a paper napkin. But that falls flat when it comes to actual behavior, because the difference between what people say they will do and what theyContinue reading “The “just kidding” test: A creative product hack.”

Australia is beating the curve. But it’s unclear why.

What a difference a week makes for The Lucky Country. Back on March 25th, Australia had 2,400 cases, growing at the standard 20-25% per day. Our trajectory looked similar to most countries; doubling cases every 4 days, and quickly heading for a public health disaster. Although we were seeing some very early signs of slowedContinue reading “Australia is beating the curve. But it’s unclear why.”

Quick observations after six months in Melbourne

Just a few observations after 6 months of living here, before this all becomes business as usual and I stop thinking twice about it. Everyone has a NO JUNK MAIL sign on their mailbox – and it actually works. There’s no Direct Marketing Association lobby, and no “do not mail” list. The mailman just honorsContinue reading “Quick observations after six months in Melbourne”

New country, new job, new life.

After 15 fantastic years in Santa Barbara, we’ve officially moved to Melbourne, Australia!I started a new job as Head of Product at Flippa.com – a company I’ve been following for years and have a special affinity for. We’ve been planning to do this for quite a while, and are really excited to finally make itContinue reading “New country, new job, new life.”

If you haven’t heard of Lambda School, it’s time to start paying attention.

If you’re active on Twitter, by now you’ve probably heard of Lambda School — the online school where you owe nothing until you get a job. If not, it’s probably time to start paying attention. Lambda is bringing a much-needed change to the world of higher education & financial aid. Instead of paying for classes upfront, LambdaContinue reading “If you haven’t heard of Lambda School, it’s time to start paying attention.”

Life choices and technical debt.

Every decision you make costs more than you expect it to. For those who aren’t familiar with the term, “technical debt” refers to the concept of extra work needed to fix things that weren’t properly coded or planned in the first place. It is a major problem among engineers and product managers, because at someContinue reading “Life choices and technical debt.”