How to become a better Product Manager by playing video games

You don’t have to be a gamer geek to learn strategic principles. I’m a Senior Product Manager at HG Data. My days are busy — bordering on hectic. Requests come in from all directions and often simultaneously. I live deep in the workflow of product development, data science, marketing, and customer support, which leaves me few opportunitiesContinue reading “How to become a better Product Manager by playing video games”

How to say ‘No’ to your CEO.

There’s a well-known saying that Product Managers are the “mini-CEOs.” It’s mostly bogus. The CEO is the CEO. And as a product manager, learning to say “no” to the CEO is one of the most important skills you can have. It’s also one of the most common things you will do. (Or rather, should beContinue reading “How to say ‘No’ to your CEO.”

TiVo was a great product that failed due to poor marketing

Product managers often think product-market fit is all that matters. That’s not quite accurate.TiVo is still around, but far less successful than they could have/should have been. TiVo had a fantastic, innovative product, plenty of funding, and a huge first-mover advantage. As one of the first companies to record digitized video on a hard disk,Continue reading “TiVo was a great product that failed due to poor marketing”

An ode to the Sam Adams curved pint glass.

It’s not just the looks. This glass was designed to create the optimal beer drinking experience. Take a look at these practical design elements. First, laser etchings on the bottom of the glass create a stream of bubbles, which mean constant aroma release. I haven’t done an A/B test to see if these etchings createContinue reading “An ode to the Sam Adams curved pint glass.”

Living in Boston is like wearing a badge of honor.

I grew up in Boston, and lived there for 23 years. It’s a wonderful, walkable, well-loved city for good reason. But it was ultimately not a tough place to leave. Even as a kid I knew it didn’t fit my personality, and I left as soon as I finished college. I have an affinity forContinue reading “Living in Boston is like wearing a badge of honor.”