Quick observations after six months in Melbourne

Just a few observations after 6 months of living here, before this all becomes business as usual and I stop thinking twice about it. Everyone has a NO JUNK MAIL sign on their mailbox – and it actually works. There’s no Direct Marketing Association lobby, and no “do not mail” list. The mailman just honorsContinue reading “Quick observations after six months in Melbourne”

New country, new job, new life.

After 15 fantastic years in Santa Barbara, we’ve officially moved to Melbourne, Australia!I started a new job as Head of Product at Flippa.com – a company I’ve been following for years and have a special affinity for. We’ve been planning to do this for quite a while, and are really excited to finally make itContinue reading “New country, new job, new life.”

Living in Boston is like wearing a badge of honor.

I grew up in Boston, and lived there for 23 years. It’s a wonderful, walkable, well-loved city for good reason. But it was ultimately not a tough place to leave. Even as a kid I knew it didn’t fit my personality, and I left as soon as I finished college. I have an affinity forContinue reading “Living in Boston is like wearing a badge of honor.”