A New Weekly Newsletter From Me

I’ve started publishing new weekly Substack called Alternative Assets. There’s a million blogs about stocks, real estate and venture capital. This new is about the wide world of options that don’t get talked about as much – with a focus on digital properties, websites and micro-businesses. There’s a world of opportunity out there that doesn’t get discussed as much.…

Australia is beating the curve. But it’s unclear why.

What a difference a week makes for The Lucky Country. Back on March 25th, Australia had 2,400 cases, growing at the standard 20-25% per day. Our trajectory looked similar to most countries; doubling cases every 4 days, and quickly heading for a public health disaster. Although we were seeing some very early signs of slowed…

Quick observations after six months in Melbourne

Just a few observations after 6 months of living here, before this all becomes business as usual and I stop thinking twice about it. Everyone has a NO JUNK MAIL sign on their mailbox – and it actually works. There’s no Direct Marketing Association lobby, and no “do not mail” list. The mailman just honors…

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