An ode to the Sam Adams curved pint glass.

It’s not just the looks. This glass was designed to create the optimal beer drinking experience.

Take a look at these practical design elements.

First, laser etchings on the bottom of the glass create a stream of bubbles, which mean constant aroma release. I haven’t done an A/B test to see if these etchings create more bubbles, but with the millions in R&D Sammy put into making this glass, I’ll take their word for it.

Next, the glass at the bottom is thicker than average, and the glass in the middle is thinner than average. Body heat from the hands negatively affects the beer’s temperature, and people tend to hold the glass at or near the bottom. Thicker glass at the bottom means it takes longer for body heat to transfer to and alter the temperature of the liquid inside. The thinner walls in the middle help maintain proper beer temperature as long as possible.

The rounded shape in the middle of the glass helps collect aromas, and makes it more difficult for the glass to slip out of your hands and drop on the floor.Smell is nearly as important as the taste.

Narrowing the glass near the top sustains the beer’s head, and more importantly concentrates & retains the hop aroma. When tipped in to the mouth, the outward-turned lip at the top delivers beer to the front of the tongue, where the sweet receptors are located. This allows the drinker to pick up on sweet, malty notes they would normally have not tasted.

Finally, the bead inside the rim creates “turbulence” as the beer enters the mouth. This turbulence causes the beer to spread over a larger area of the tongue and mouth, and thus causes the drinker to experience more flavor per sip.

The glass is priced at around $15 – $20; a bit steep, but worth the money if you are a serious alcoholi-errr, beer drinker. If you go on the Samuel Adams Brewery Tour in Boston, you’ll get one free.

This glass truly is a thing of beauty. Just don’t even think of using it to drink Natty Ice, brah.

Published by Stefan von Imhof

Leading Product at Flippa. Buying & selling micro-businesses on the side. My personal brand is all over the map.

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